‘Hustle & Soul’s Cola Tells All On Jon Jon Leaving Her For A Man

Cola  – and viewers – were shocked when her boyfriend Jon Jon left her for a man on We TV’s Hustle & Soul. Now, in an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, Cola tells all on the devastating betrayal.

“My boyfriend just left me for a man,” she said. “He told America that he’s leaving me for his roommate.”

Cola, who has an open relationship with her co-star, claimed her “frustration” isn’t about the fact that he cheated with a man.

“It’s about him leaving me overall,” she explained. “In our open relationship, we were always first. For me to hear he loves someone else, it was a kick in the stomach. Jon is the person I want to marry and start a relationship with. People say I’m desperate. I know he loves me.”

She claimed their open relationship worked for them, despite what others thought.

“We didn’t want something serious,” she said. “That worked the best for both of us before diving into something head first. There is no denying the love and bond we have.”

Despite that fact that she “doesn’t see him giving up his other partner,” she claimed they are still friends, as they talk “everyday.”

Cola has moved on herself.

“My relationship with him is not open,” she said. “He struggles with my relationship with Jon Jon. It’s an ongoing fight. I feel how I feel. I can’t fake how I feel.”

Cola is also moving on with a clothing line called “Light and Sweet” and is an advocate for anti-bullying.

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